Update History

01.00.03 (New) Update on 06/28/2021
  • On the interface of importing users, we added one option called "If the user already exists?". You can choose "Do nothing" or "Update user information". If you choose "Do nothing", the module won't deal with existing users. If you choose "Update user information", the user information in the CSV will cover the user information in the website.
  • On the interface of importing users, we added option called "Require password change on first login". After checking this option, the newly imported users will be forced to change their passwords when they login for the first time.
01.00.02 Update on 09/16/2020
  • Added expirydate for all roles of import and export users.
  • The fields of lastlogindate and lastloginip of import and export users are added.
  • To improve the performance of import and export, the import is no longer limited to less than 2000. We have no problem in the actual test of 5000, which is subject to the performance of your server.
01.00.01 Update on 04/10/2018
  • Make it compatible with DNN 9.2.0.
  • Added "Current DNN Version" Label to allow users to quickly see the current DNN Version.
01.00.00 Update on 08/18/2017
  • Compatible with DNN7, DNN8 and DNN9.
  • Export users as csv file.
  • Import&export fields of profile.
  • Preview the data which will be exported before you export.
  • Export users according to searching keywords.
  • Export users according to roles.
  • Choose whether to export users included in the recycle bin.
  • Choose whether to export un-authorized users.
  • Passwords can be exported if allowed in the web.config.
  • Batch import users from csv file.
  • Batch delete users included in the csv file and will use username as standard.