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For this article, it will teach you how to use Web Request feature. Web Request feature allows you using POST or GET method to send data to the receiver of the remote.

For this article, it will teach you how to use Web Request feature. Web Request feature allows you using POST or GET method to send data to the receiver of the remote.


For example, you have three fields “Name”, “Email” and “Comment” in your form. After users submit form, you want module to send Name, Email, Comment data submitted by users to remote sever, including some other custom data, you can achieve it according to following steps.

Configuration Steps

1. First of all, please enter Management Center -> Module Settings page, then find ”Send Web Request Request After Submit” option and choose to send data via post or get method

2. Next, you need to enter URL which will get data in “Web Request Url” option. In URL, you can enter tokens of fields. In this sample, [Step1Content1] represents Name, [Step1Content2] represents Email and [Step1Content3] represents Comment. You can write as following format, such as this link:[Step1Content1]



At the receiver, you will get following parameters, userid, password, customname are customed by you additionally.







3. In this way, you can get data submitted by users through other program.

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